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Yes, it is possible to make more than $100,000 per year. While the average truck driving salary is lower than this, drivers who take on challenging or dangerous jobs can make six figures after several years of experience. Additionally, owner-operators can exceed this if they get consistent jobs.

A major component of getting your CDL and landing a driving job will be a physical examination. The FMCSA requires that every driver who holds, or wants to attain, a commercial drivers license must submit and pass a DOT physical examination at least every 2 years. The DOT physical will check a drivers overall physical health and include eyes, ears, blood pressure, limb impairment, and a drug and alcohol screen.

An owner operator truck driver makes an average gross annual income of $190,000; plus the benefits when working for a company, like bonuses and insurance.  It is common for 50-70 percent of the driver’s income to be used towards expenses, such as maintaining the truck. Other expenses include, food and empty miles. The more you cut down on expenses, the more money you get to take home. There are two ways to be paid as an owner operator truck driver, the owner operator is paid per mile or paid a percentage of the gross load revenue.

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